The Reactive Suit

The Reactive Suit

One of the greatest recent achievements of technology, Reactive Suits are a new breed of power armor. They don’t merely protect or enhance, but do both with startling efficiency. In some ways, they’re very nearly too good at what they do, and it’s raised a number of questions among the community. Reactive Suit technology is limited to a few well-connected factions, and they guard their secrets fiercely.

Reactive Suits gain their name from a few of their systems. First and foremost, the suit can detect the subtle electrical signals sent from the brain as they’re sent, and by the use of fiber connections it is possible for the suit to react before your own muscles would. The suit is also incredibly strong, while capable of extreme precision. And perhaps, most importantly, all suits are equipped with a remarkably efficient, man-sized zero-point generator.

The suit itself is made of a highly advanced nano-weave material that is light and flexible while still capable of taking a large amount of punishment. In addition, it can ‘heal’ itself over time, healing 10 points of temporary HP damage every 5 minutes it is out of combat. Its small size allows users to even don additional armor over the suit itself, providing further protection. When doing so, you take the best of the benefits of either suit, and the worst of any penalties.

What is a Zero Point Energy Generator?

A ZPEG is essentially an infinite energy source. It harnesses natural forces in the universe- the vibration of atoms, magnetic fields, and so on- and converts them into power. There’s no waste involved, nor need for outside energy sources. The technology has been available for some time, but the output was such that they were rarely relied on for anything except backup power. With the Hydrogen mines of Jupiter and Saturn in full swing, alternative energy sources fell to the wayside nearly 200 years ago.

The ZPEG is the true reason behind the Suit’s innovation. Many of the other technologies inherent in the suit are not new, but they were never scaled down to such a small level. With the abundant power provided by the new zero point energy generators, personal armor technology could make astounding leaps forwards. The only problem is, the new generators are almost exclusive to a small handful of individuals, and even a captured generator proves almost impossible to recreate.

The only downside of the ZPEG is that it still only creates finite amounts of energy at a specific time. Capacitor technology can only store so much energy, regardless of how much is being used, and Reactive Suit users must balance their energy usage carefully.

What can a suit do?

A suit is a highly-customizable piece of power armor that enhances the user’s capability greatly. It is skin-tight, and can even be worn in conjunction with other types of armor. In the case that another armor also provides a stat benefit, take the highest but do not add them together. At present, there are three suit models available.

Type I
The Type I Reactive Suit is the original model. It is extremely tough and powerful, and provides the wearer with a great amount of safety.

Str + 8
Dex + 2
Fort + 4
Ref + 1
40 temp HP base
DR 5/piercing, particle
4 upgrade points

Type II
The Type II Reactive Suit provides a middle ground between the Type I and the Type III. Originally a prototype for many of the Type III’s systems, it is highly customizable and has been adopted by reconnaissance members and engineers alike. As such, it has a number of built-in tools and devices that are of great use.

Str + 4
Dex + 4
Fort + 2
Ref + 2
Will + 2
30 temp HP base
8 upgrade points
+5 to trained craft and knowledge checks

Type III
The Type III Reactive Suit is the latest model, and features a number of improvements over the original. It moves far more swiftly than the original model and is also more form-fitting. This comes at the cost of reduced survivability and customization.

Str + 2
Dex + 6
Ref + 4
Fort + 2
30 temp HP base
Evasion ( if granted elsewhere, Improved Evasion )
+10 base movement speed
+10 acrobatics
2 upgrade points

The Reactive Suit

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