Travel in Blueshift depends largely on where you’ll be traveling. On Earth and Venus, ground-based vehicles are still the norm. High-end models make use of repulsion fields to skate above the ground, and the average man still makes use of wheeled vehicles. On Mars, the gravity is so much lighter that flying cars have become a reality. Strict laws about where you can and can’t fly have long been established.

The colonies tend to rely on rail systems and elevators. Large open roads take up too much potential habitat space, where a rail system need only be as wide as the vehicle that travels on it. Many people choose to walk, especially on the smaller colonies.

Travel in the solar system is mostly accomplished by use of the Kepler Rings, which provide instantaneous transport between rings. Every world features its own ring, and some of the more highly populated colonies and moons have their own as well. Traditional methods of travel still exist, however, and example travel times are given in the chart below.

Earth Moon Sun Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Alpha Centauri
Origin 1.96 mins 12.6 hrs 7.7 hrs 3.5 hrs 6.6 hrs 2.2 days 4 days 9.5 days 15.4 days 20.2 days 400 years
Conventional drives travel at approximately 1.1% of the speed of light, or 2,046 miles per second

By contrast, the Bright Horizon was scheduled to make the trip to Alpha Centauri in just 31.4 years using experimental drive technology. Due both to the problems surrounding that voyage and the introduction of the Kepler Rings, advancements in the realm of travel have staled.

Today, travel to Alpha Centauri is available via a Kepler Ring, and thus takes very little time at all. The Kepler Foundation restricts access to it heavily, hoping to prevent the problems that occurred to Earth and also to protect Sol against possible incursions should the ring become compromised.

Some modes of teleportation have been achieved using the Kepler Effect. Unfortunately, these require a clear line of travel from the Origin to the Destination, and a precise location to arrive at. Strong light or other interference also causes problems for such teleportation, as the matter reassembly is essentially unguided, relying on the original signal’s strength alone. For this reason, this form of teleportation is almost entirely without use.


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