As futuristic ‘heroes’, you’ll be working for one of a number of factions at any given time. You should try to choose a primary benefactor, as this will be how you acquire your Reactive Suit. You will primarily be fulfilling jobs for this faction, but may occasionally be asked to work for another, choose to work for another, or jump ship for another one altogether.

Ultimately, being independent is fine, and if you decide to do a few jobs for a faction that opposes your own, you might find yourself kicked out entirely.

There are a number of factions presented here, and I’ve tried to give each an ‘alignment’ for quick reference. Even the most ‘evil’ of factions will still stand up to fight against the threats of humanity, of course.

When choosing a faction, keep in mind that your early(and possibly all) adventures will be determined by the faction you choose. Likewise, if you switch factions at a later date, you will no longer be able to take advantage of an existing faction’s benefits.

The Kepler Foundation (N)
The Kepler Foundation was originally founded by Theodore Kepler to govern the use of the Kepler rings. The small charge each passenger makes when traveling through the Rings and their relatively low cost of upkeep quickly made the Kepler Foundation an economic powerhouse, and it has spread into the civilian sector as well.

True to its founder’s will, the Kepler Foundation rarely interferes in the matters of others. They maintain neutrality in transport, allowing pirate, corporate, and government interests to use the Rings so long as they follow the rules set forward for their use.

Benefits: The Kepler foundation offers a hefty starting bonus of 20,000 credits to its new agents, and an additional 200 credits pay on any mission.

The Jovian Alliance (NG)
The Jovian Alliance is an up-and-coming political and military power. Their name, Jovian, comes from the nature of the alliance itself- each major member is the dominant political power on one of the gas giants in the Sol system.

While they seek to secede from Earth Gov’s control, they are not openly hostile in their intent, despite their possession of a sizable fleet. They argue that Jovian citizens do not get a fair representation in Earth Gov’s traditionally terrestrial leadership, and wish to form an independent nation.

Benefits: The Jovian Alliance, being a space-faring organization, will give all of their new agents Zero-G Training, granting them the feat of the same name.

The Sons of Deimos (CN)
The Sons of Deimos are a pseudo-terrorist group that formed during one of the smaller interplanetary wars. Deimos was one of the early extraplanetary colonies before the Kepler rings, and was heavily mined for its rich resources. This made it a pivotal resource, and much fighting over it occurred.

Today’s Sons of Deimos typically descend from the moon’s inhabitants that were caught in the cross fire during the earlier wars. Deimos has largely been left ravaged by heavy mining and conflict, and the youth that grows up there tends to do so with a grudge. Their motives tend to be largely anti-Earth Gov, although any large corporation will do just as well. Occasionally, they will pursue more philanthropic endeavors for other colonies, and it is this sort of behavior that tends to get them most of their donations.

Benefits: The Sons of Deimos are experts at picking out arms and equipment that are flawed in minor ways, ensuring the best discounts. Any equipment purchased through the Sons of Deimos is treated as though it had a -1 flaw, even though it doesn’t.

SABER (Earth Gov) (LN)
SABER is Earth Gov’s shadow ops team. Highly funded and even more secretive, few know of them and even less know of their goals. Originally established by the early United Earth Government, SABER has been covertly manipulating the events of mankind for nearly one hundred years. They typically find themselves tasked with assassinations, espionage, and recovery missions that cannot be handled by regulars.

Its leader is an enigmatic woman who takes her name from the organization. She is one of the most feared combatants in all of Sol system, and inspires a depth of loyalty in her operatives that is legendary.

Benefits: SABER’s agents are highly trained experts, and receive the Weapon Focus feat for free. At any point while they are at base, a SABER agent may retrain, swapping their Weapon Focus(and subsequent feats) to another weapon.

The Shiawase Corporation (LE)
The Shiawase Corporation was the first corporation to be granted megacorporate sovereignty(later called extraterritoriality): the exemption of law on foreign soil. One of the few corporations to survive the last four hundred years unscathed, it has seen the coming-and-going of a number of different economic powers and withstood them all.

Focused largely in energy production, biotech, and environmental procedures, the Shiawase corporation regularly employs a small crew of operatives to perform ‘cleanup’ duties for their more secretive projects.

Benefits: Shiawase’s Reactive Suits are built with a unique capacitor array that reduces the amount of time their Suits are fatigued by one round.

The Kukai Federation (LG)
The Kukai Federation is a collection of syndicates originally tasked with the protection of mankind against extra-solar threats. Over time, this conglomeration found the businesses it set up to be more profitable than expected, and it has since turned its attention in the pursuit of profit.

The truth of the matter, however, is that the Kukai Federation’s goals have never changed. They regularly make trips out of the Sol system with little explanation for their journeys, usually listing them as ‘shipping exercises’.

Benefits: The Kukai Federation’s agents are trained in how to handle weaponry of unusual design. They may pick one type of alien weaponry and gain the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat for it. This feed need not be chosen at character creation, but once the decision is made it cannot be changed.

Andromeda Industries (NG)
No data.

Benefits: The enigmatic Andromeda Industries can modify any energy weapon to deal an additional die of damage, without changing its cost modifier.


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