Arms and Equipment

Ranged Weapons
Weapon Damage Critical Damage Type Range Increment Rate of Fire Size Weight
Falcon .45 2d6 20 Ballistic 40 feet S, A Medium 2.5 lb
Laser Pistol 2d8 20 Fire 40 Feet S Medium 3 lbs
Mini-grenade launcher varies 20 Varies 70 Feet Single Medium 4 lbs
Plasma Pistol 2d10 20 Fire 40 feet S Medium 3 lb
Pulse Pistol 2d10 20 Energy 40 feet S, A Medium 3 lb
EDF assault rifle 2d8 20 Ballistic 70 feet S Large 18 lbs
Concussion Rifle 2d10+special 20 Concussion 20 feet S Large 6lb
Disintegrator 3d8 20 Energy 30 Feet S Large 6 lbs
Laser Rifle 3d8 20 Fire 80 Feet S, A Large 8 lb
Laser Sniper Rifle 4d8 20 Fire 120 Feet S Large 14 lbs
Cryonic Rifle 3d6 20 Cold 20 Feet S Large 8 lbs
Plasma Rifle 3d10 20 Fire 80 feet S,A Large 8 lb
Plasma Sniper Rifle 4d10 20 Fire 120 Feet S Large 14 lbs
Pulse Rifle 3d10 20 Energy 80 Feet S, A Large 11 lb
Rail Gun 3d12 20 Ballistic 100 feet S Large 18 lbs
Twin thunder machine gun 2d10 20 Ballistic 100 feet A Huge 42 lbs
Lightning Gun 3d6 20 Electricity 50 Feet S,A Huge 30 lbs
Melee Weapons
Weapon Damage Critical Damage Type Range Increment Size Weight
Power Cestus 2d6 20 Bludgeoning - Light 2 lb
Beam Sword 2d8 19-20 Fire - Medium 1 lb
Concussion Rod 2d8 20 Bludgeoning/Concussion - Medium 3 lb
Stun Baton 1d6+special 20 Bludgeoning - Medium 1 lb
Chain Sword 2d8 19-20 Slashing - Large 4 lb
High Frequency Sword 2d6 19-20 Slashing - Large 2 lb
Explosives and Splash Weapons
Weapon Damage Damage Type Burst Radius Reflex DC Range Increment Size Weight
Grenade, cryonic 8d6 - Cold 10 ft 15 10 ft Small 2 lb
Grendade, dissolver 2d6 - Acid 5 ft 15 10 ft Small 1 lb
Grenade, gravitic 6d6 - Bludgeoning 10 ft 15 10 ft Tiny 1 lb
Grenade, midnighter - - - 10 ft 15 10 ft Tiny 1 lb
Grenade, singularity 15d6 - Energy 5 ft 15 10 ft Small 2 lb
Grenade, stun Special - - 10 ft 18 10 ft Tiny 1 lb
Armor Type Equip. Bonus Nonprof. Bonus Max Dex Bonus Armor Penalty Speed Weight
General Armor(light)
Flight Suit and helmet Tactical +2 +1 +6 -0 30ft/20ft 2 lb
Light combat armor Tactical +3 +1 +5 -2 30ft/20ft 6 lb
Scout armor Tactical +2 +1 +6 -1 30ft/20ft 4 lb
Silent suit Concealable +1 +1 +8 -0 30ft/20ft 1 lb
Survival suit Concealable +1 +1 +7 -0 30ft/20ft 3 lb
General Armor(medium)
Medium combat armor Tactical +4 +2 +4 -2 20ft/15ft 8 lb
Tactical vest Tactical +3 +2 +2 -5 25ft 10lb
Power Armor
Boost armor Tactical +5 +2 +4 -3 20ft/15ft 20 lb
Land Warrior Armor Tactical +6 +3 +3 -3 20ft/15ft 10 lb
PAT Series Tactical +7 +4 +0 -4 15 ft 65 lb
Tactical assault Tactical +9 +4 +1 -6 30 ft 55lb
Unisoldier combat armor Tactical +10 +3 +1 -6 20ft/15ft 30 lb
Grav Shield Concealable - - - - 30 ft 15lb
Blackhole Singulatiry Shield Concealable +2 +1 +6 -0 30 ft 15lb

Boost Armor
Boost armor is powered armor that augments the character’s physical abilities. A character wearing boost armor is stronger, faster, and more nimble than ever before. Special mechanisms augment physical strength, granting a +4 bonus to the character’s Strength score. Sensors can detect incoming attacks and augment reaction times, granting a +2 bonus on all Reflex saves.
Additionally, boost armor can improve traction and augment the ability to move quickly, increasing the character’s movement speed by 10 feet. Boost armor is relatively light weight and form-fitting, and provides less protection than heavier combat armors.

Blackhole Singularity Shield
The blackhole singularity shield generates microscopic black holes that swallow up incoming attacks. As a move action, the wearer can make an opposed attack roll against any incoming weapon, and if successful the attack deals no damage. The shield generator requires 10 rounds to recharge after it has been used.

Digital Storage
Also known as the digital holster or digital scabbard(in the case of melee weapons), this devices breaks a pre-programmed weapon down and stores it digitally in the form of a thin metal bracer. The wielder can then, as a free action, tap the bracer to ‘draw’ the weapon, which appears immediately in his hand. Storing a weapon in the holster is also a free action. The bracer can store only one weapon at a time. The weapon cannot weight more than 20 pounds and must be able to be held in one hand.

Grav Shield
Grav shields produce a constant repulsion field that blunts the force of incoming attacks. The wielder gains DR 5/-.

Lightning Gun
A bulky and unwieldy weapon, the lightning gun is usually mounted on a tripod. It fires a crackling ray of electricity capable of sweeping large areas quickly. Characters wielding a lightning gun automatically gain the benefits of the Strafe feat.
Lightning guns do not use ammunition, but are instead powered by special power packs that allow 30 shots each.

Personal All-Terrain (PAT) Armor
The first working power armor suit is the PAT Series 1. Though heavy and slow, the PAT dominates urban battlefields in a way that tanks and APCs never could. Consisting of durable plating, an onboard computer, heads-up display, exoskeletal strength assist, and battery array, the PAT not only protects its wearer from most small-arms fire, but enables the wearer to wield heavy weapons and provides computer targeting.
The PAT Series 1 armor suit provides the following benefits(in addition to its armor protection):
+2 Strength
+1 Equipment bonus on attack rolls
+1 Equipment bonus on Computer Use checks

Power Cestus
The Power Cestus is a highly advanced gauntlet. It incorporates a small grav-well generator in each forearm length gauntlet that allows it to feel nearly weightless to the wearer. When activated, a number of armored plates move into position to protect the wearer’s hand and increase the damage of their attack. It is possible to wear a Power Cestus and still wield another weapon, but doing so forces a -2 to attack with that weapon, and the Cestus cannot be activated unless your hand is empty.

Silent Suit
The silent suit uses cutting-edge sonic dampening technology to increase the stealth of the user. Silent suits look like form-fitting bodysuits with padding on the shoulders, elbows, and knees. Sonic dampening field generators are built into the suit, reducing to a minimum the noise made by movement. A character wearing a silent suit gains a +10 equipment bonus on all Stealth checks.

Tactical Assault Armor
Bridging the gap between powered armor and Armatures, tactical assault armor incorporates many of the design features of Armatures in a size usable by ordinary infantry. Featuring an induction engine power plant, the armor includes powerful servomotors boosting the wearer’s physical strength, speed, and overall combat performance.
The tactical assault armor suit provides the follow benefits(in addition to its armor protection):
+4 Strength
+10 Feet base land speed
+1 Equipment bonus on attack rolls
+2 Equipment bonus on Computer Use checks

Arms and Equipment

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